Rugby United New York Owners (Past And Present)

Rugby United New York has had several joint owners since the club was founded in 2018 by Irishman James Kennedy. The club announced a change in its ownership structure in early 2021. This article gives a timeline of the ownership changes, and we’ll take a detailed look at the characters involved. But first, we answer … Read more

Why Do Rugby Balls Lose Air? (Quick Facts)

Rugby balls lose air because their internal bladders are porous. This means that air seeps very slowly through tiny holes in the material. It’s perfectly normal for a rugby ball to deflate gradually, and this article explains why. However, we’ll also give you tips on how to slow down the air loss so that you … Read more

Who Owns LA Giltinis (All The Facts)

Who Owners LA Giltinis

Los Angeles has one professional rugby union team playing in Major League Rugby, the national league in the USA. LA Giltinis is owned by Adam Gilchrist, an Australian entrepreneur who built an international fitness empire. His sports company, Loyals Rugby, launched the rugby franchise in 2020. The future of the franchise depends on financial stability. … Read more

Top LA Giltinis Rugby Players To Watch Out For

LA Giltinis Players

The LA Giltinis have signed a host of exciting rugby players for the new MLR season. The roster is a fascinating blend of stardust, experience, and players breaking into the professional ranks. Here are our tips for players to keep tracking. Our picks in this article are spread across match-winning stars, seasoned internationals, and up-and-coming … Read more

Who Owns Austin Gilgronis? (Everything You Need To Know)

Who Owns Austin Gilgronis

Austin, Texas has one rugby team in Major League Rugby, the professional league in the USA. The outfit has a somewhat turbulent history and has gone through several owners and name changes. Austin Gilgronis is owned by Adam Gilchrist, an Australian entrepreneur who also owns a worldwide gym franchise. His investment company, Loyals Rugby, bought … Read more

Positions In Touch Rugby (Explained For Beginners)

Touch rugby is a simpler game than other forms of rugby football. You don’t need to wonder whether you’ll play as a prop, a scrum-half, a lock, or an inside center.  There are three positions in touch rugby: wing, link, and middle. Each role is a little different in terms of skills and physical attributes. … Read more

How Many Players In A Touch Rugby Team?

touch rugby player running with the ball

Are you about to sign up for your first taste of touch rugby? Read on for how many players you can expect to be on your team – and playing against you! There are specific rules for the breakdown of men and women in mixed teams. And although social matches can be flexible when less … Read more

Tap And Roll Ball In Touch Rugby (Explained)

Tap And Roll Ball

A key difference between touch and other forms of rugby is that the ball usually cannot be kicked or played with a foot. The exceptions include the “tap” and “roll ball”. These terms may be new to you, but read on for clear explanations and some short video clips. You’ll also learn about rucking in … Read more

Exciting Austin Rugby Players – AG Roster 2021

A number of exciting players have signed with Austin Gilgronis. The roster is getting very interesting indeed. Here are our tips for Austin rugby players to watch out for. We’ve split our picks between established stars, internationals, Eagles, and up-and-coming prospects for national honors. Star Players At Austin Gilgronis Our task was to select two … Read more

Rugby In The USA (Helpful Facts)

Rugby has been played in the USA since the 19th century. There are currently over 120 thousand members registered with the governing body, USA Rugby. They include about 30,000 college rugby players and 31,000 players at senior level outside the colleges. Aside from adult and college players, there are similar numbers playing in High School. … Read more