What Is A Ruck In Rugby? (Explained)

A ruck in rugby occurs when the ball is on the ground and opposing players compete for it. Because players have to stay on their feet, this can become a monumental struggle as players try to push their opponents backward and win possession. It may seem like a free-for-all at times, but there are plenty … Read more

What Do Rugby Players Sniff Before A Game? (Explained)

It’s not uncommon in other sports to see players sniffing or inhaling something before a match, or even during breaks in play. This wasn’t something that happened in rugby, but it’s now being seen more and more. So, what are the rugby players sniffing and why? It’s generally one of two things: smelling salts or … Read more

Can You Pull Hair In Rugby? (Explained With Examples)

You’ll occasionally see rugby players making a tackle by pulling their opponent’s hair. Tackling by the hair is illegal in rugby, although there’s no specific law in the rule books that mention hair-pulling. This article looks at how referees deal with incidences, and we’ll show you some high-profile examples (and the mass brawls that ensued). … Read more

How Much Are Rugby Referees Paid?

Most Rugby Unions don’t reveal how much they pay their professional referees. However, I’ve combed through the information available from reputable sources. This article reviews the salaries of professional rugby referees. We’ll also take a look at whether referees at amateur level get paid. What Do Rugby Referees Earn In The Northern Hemisphere? The most … Read more

When Can You Take A Quick Throw Or Lineout In Rugby?

Technically, a quick lineout is not a lineout – it should be called a quick throw as the lineout hasn’t actually formed. But we’ll refer to both a quick lineout and a quick throw in this article as being the same thing! It’s an exciting move that can lead to a try against surprised opponents. … Read more

Man Of The Match Awards In Rugby

Man Of The Match awards are a staple part of professional rugby matches. Let’s take a look at what players get for being Man Of The Match, and how this has changed over the years. We’ll also show you some of the most embarrassing awards ever given. What Do Rugby Players Get For Man Of … Read more

Can You Run Backwards In Rugby? (Explained)

Players can run backwards with the ball in rugby but it’s usually a bad tactic. Rugby is a game of gaining territory so running toward your own try line is putting your team at a disadvantage. However, there are times when it’s the right play! I’ve graded different scenarios from good to bad – or … Read more

Artificial Pitches In Rugby (Explained)

Players are increasingly voicing complaints about artificial pitches in rugby, which are becoming more prevalent at professional clubs. This isn’t because they go against the traditional image of rugby is of a game played on grass with the ground churned up by the scrums. The players are concerned about injuries and their well-being. On the … Read more

How Much Do England Rugby Players Earn? (2021)

This article looks at the salaries of professional players in the English Premiership and how much they get when playing for England. It’s important to understand that individual salaries are private contracts and the details are seldom made public. However, there are good sources who tend to be close to players are who have recently … Read more

Can You Juke In Rugby? (Explained For Americans)

There are a lot of differences between rugby and football, but players will juke to evade tackles in both sports. Juking in rugby is an important skill for the elusive outside backs. There are several different styles with different names, which we’ll explain with footage of famous examples. We’ll also describe the different terms for … Read more