How Many Players Are On A Rugby Team? (Explained)

If you’re wondering how many players are on a rugby team, then we need to establish which version of rugby you’re asking about. There are at least ten different variants of rugby played across the world. They differ in both rules and the number of players and substitutes on a team. This article covers most … Read more

Kick-Offs And Restarts In Rugby (Explained)

Kick-offs in Rugby Union have become a little predictable. A defender catches the ball, takes a tackle, and sets up a ruck. But sometimes, the play from kick-off gets a lot more exciting. This article looks at scoring from kick-offs, and some unusual scenarios around catching the ball. Can You Score From Your Own Kick-Off … Read more

How Many Ways Can You Score In Rugby?

Rugby Union has more ways of scoring points than many ball sports. In the early days, the only method of scoring was to kick a goal. That has greatly changed in the modern game. There are five ways to score in Rugby Union. Points can be kicked through a penalty goal, a drop goal, or … Read more

Can You Pass The Ball Forward To Yourself In Rugby?

Rugby is well known as a sport where players must pass the ball backward to each other. But what if a player tossed the ball up and over a defender and ran forward and caught it? Can you forward pass to yourself in rugby? Rugby players are not allowed to intentionally pass the ball forward. … Read more

Playing For Another Country In Rugby (Explained)

When you watch an international rugby match, there will usually be several players on each team who weren’t born in the country they are representing. They may have dual citizenship, but that isn’t necessary. However, there are strict rules when it comes to playing for another country in Rugby Union. Rugby Union allows players to … Read more

Box Kicking In Rugby (Explained With Examples)

Box kicking in rugby is often unpopular with fans who see it as a cheap way to give the ball to the opposition. But a good box kick doesn’t just get teams out of tough defensive situations. When a well-aimed box kick is coupled with chasing players competing for the ball, it can be a … Read more

Can You Play Rugby On A Frozen Pitch? (Explained)

Many professional clubs have undersoil heating but even big clubs and international teams have games called off due to frozen pitches. Although the decision making to call off a match is a little different between amateur and professional levels, the motivations are the same: the safety of all the players. Why Don’t Rugby Teams Play … Read more

Substitutions In Rugby (Explained For Beginners)

Substitutions weren’t part of the sport of Rugby Union in the early days of the sport. The laws around substitutions have changed several times. This article looks at when and what kind of substitutions are allowed. We also take a close look at an infamous substitution that brought massive bans and fines to the club … Read more

Red And Yellow Cards In Rugby (Explained)

Players have been sent off in rugby since the early days of the game. But red and yellow cards are a relatively recent innovation in the sport. Rugby Union borrowed aspects of card sanctions from soccer and ice hockey. You may be surprised to learn that the first yellow cards in international rugby matches didn’t … Read more

Tackling In Rugby – Legal and Illegal Examples

Everybody knows what a classic rugby tackle looks like. It’s how cops bring down the crooks they’re chasing in the movies. But there are plenty of different ways to tackle an opponent on a rugby field. Some ways are barely legal, and others will bring a red card and a lengthy ban from the sport. … Read more