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  • Can You Kick The Ball Backwards In Rugby?
    Have you ever seen a rugby player kicking the ball backwards? It occasionally happens, but is it allowed or penalized? You probably know that you can’t pass the ball backwards. So, let’s dive into whether rugby players can kick the ball backwards toward their own try line. Can You Kick The Ball Backwards In Rugby? … Read more
  • Can Rugby Players Catch Their Own Kicks? (Examples)
    You can catch your own kick in rugby, and there are several names for this attacking tactic. There are also different techniques used in different situations in a match. This article will look in detail at these techniques. And we’ll finish with some awesome video clips of players pulling of this difficult skill. Catching Your … Read more
  • How Far Do Rugby Players Run In A Match?
    How far does a rugby player typically run during a match, and does this vary by position? Professional rugby clubs try to track as much data as possible. Several academic studies have looked at the distance covered by rugby players. Let’s take a look at the answers. Average Distance Measured In A Single Match A … Read more
  • Ireland’s Call – Lyrics and Background Explained
    Are you wondering why Ireland’s Call is played at away matches for the Irish rugby team? This article explains the reasons. You’ve probably only heard one verse of the rugby anthem, but there are another two in the song! Read on for the full lyrics. Full Lyrics Of Ireland’s Call The song has three verses … Read more
  • How Strong Are Professional Rugby Players? (Gym Stats)
    Just how strong are professional rugby players? This article looks at how much weight that elite rugby players can lift in the gym. We also look at typical weight training schedules for international players. And we look at how they match up in strength to NFL players and professional powerlifters. How Much Do Professional Rugby … Read more
  • Can You Roll In Rugby? (Explained With Examples)
    When rugby players are tackled, are they allowed to roll forward a few times? Or backward toward their teammates? And what about the tackler? Like many aspects of rugby, this is a matter of interpretation for the referee. Let’s take a look at when rolling is allowed or not allowed in rugby. Different Types Of … Read more
  • Firm Ground Or Soft Ground Rugby Boots – Which Is Better?
    What is the difference between firm ground and soft ground boots? Do players need two different pairs of cleats? Or can they use one type for all matches? This article explains why there are two types of rugby boots. Then we’ll look in detail at the differences between them, and which is best for your … Read more
  • What Are Rugby Boots Made Of? (Explained)
    Historically, rugby boots were made of leather with metal studs. Modern manufacturing has introduced different combinations of materials. This article breaks down a rugby boot into different areas and looks at the most typical materials in that part of the boot. There are also differences between what cheaper and more expensive rugby boots are made … Read more
  • Why Do Rugby Players Wear Tight Shirts?
    If you watch footage of rugby matches from the nineties, you’ll notice quite a few differences. One of the most obvious is that modern rugby players wear tight shirts. Why has the style changed so much? Is it just a matter of fashion? No, there are very serious match-winning reasons for tight shirts. Why Do … Read more
  • GPS Trackers in Rugby (Explained)
    You’ve probably noticed that many professional rugby players have a lump on the back of their shirts between their shoulder blades. This is often called a GPS tracker, but these devices measure a lot more than the position on the pitch. This article takes an in-depth look at trackers in rugby. What is the Lump … Read more