Rugby In The USA (Helpful Facts)

Rugby has been played in the USA since the 19th century. There are currently over 120 thousand members registered with the governing body, USA Rugby. They include about 30,000 college rugby players and 31,000 players at senior level outside the colleges. Aside from adult and college players, there are similar numbers playing in High School. … Read more

What Do Rugby Players Say In A Scrum?

Now that referees wear microphones, television viewers may hear shouts from rugby players as they form a scrum. But it’s hard to make out exactly what’s going on. Rugby forwards say very little in a scrum. The most likely words are: brief instructions by the pack leader before the scrum starts simple chants to keep … Read more

What Do Referees Say In The Scrum? (Rugby Scrum Calls Explained)

Now that rugby referees wear microphones in international and top club matches, we can hear what they say to control the scrum. The exact phrase is mandatory as part of the laws of World Rugby. So, what do referees say in the scrum? Since 2013, rugby referees say three words to initiate a scrum. “Crouch, … Read more

What Is A Tap And Roll Ball In Touch Rugby? (Video Examples)

Tap And Roll Ball

A key difference between touch and other forms of rugby is that the ball usually cannot be kicked or played with a foot. The exceptions include the “tap” and “roll ball”. These terms may be new to you, but read on for clear explanations and some short video clips. You’ll also learn about rucking in … Read more

Why Are Rugby Referees Respected? (And Called Sir)

You just need to watch one rugby match to notice how much the referee is respected by the players. When referees award a penalty, you won’t see them surrounded by an angry team arguing their innocence. And when a referee penalizes a burly forward who towers over him? “Yes Sir, sorry Sir”, is the standard … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Play Rugby?

If you’re thinking of joining a local rugby club, you’ll be wondering how much does it cost to play rugby. You will need some clothing and equipment that should last several years. You will also have recurring costs such as club membership and insurance. An adult rugby player will have typical costs of $400 to … Read more

Why Do Rugby Players Shave Their Legs? (Explained)

Many professional rugby players shave their legs, and it’s becoming more common in amateur and social leagues. Players shave their legs to: Prevent leg hair from being torn when removing strapping Assist healing around wounds and injuries Avoid skin irritation from frequent massages Improve the appearance of muscles Yes, the last reason is basically to … Read more

Why Do Rugby Players Tape Their Thighs?

The most common reason for rugby players to tape both thighs is to aid with being lifted in a lineout. Tape and bandages on only one thigh are usually to support a minor injury. This article gives a detailed explanation of using tape for lineout jumpers. We also have a step-by-step pictorial guide on how … Read more

Can You Recycle Rugby Balls? (Options And Examples)

Rugby balls are made from a variety of materials, some of which are more difficult to recycle. Recycling centers that accept tires are more likely to accept rugby balls. Alternative options are: Selling (when branded or signed) Donating playable balls Repurposing in the home This article reviews these options in detail. Why Rugby Balls Are … Read more

Why Do Rugby Balls Have Gilbert On Them?

Sometimes it seems like all rugby balls are called Gilbert. Are you watching an international match or a game of touch in the park? The rugby balls are likely to have Gilbert stamped on them. Let’s get stuck into the reasons why! Why Are Rugby balls Called Gilbert? Gilbert is a brand name that is … Read more