Dallas Reds – A Big Texas Rugby Club

The Dallas Reds are one of the biggest rugby clubs in the United States. They are based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The official name of the club is the Dallas Rugby Football Club. You can shorten that to Dallas RFC, and sometimes it’s just called Dallas Rugby. The club has four men’s teams … Read more

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Houston United Rugby Team – Bringing The HURT To Texas

The Houston United Rugby Team is more commonly known as HURT. It’s one of the bigger mens’ rugby clubs in Texas and has enjoyed plenty of success in the second and third divisions. The club has two mens’ fifteens teams and plays sevens in the summer months. Where Are The HURT Training Fields? The HURT … Read more

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Houston Athletic Rugby Club – HARC In Texas

The Houston Athletic Rugby Club is based near downtown Houston. It has men’s teams, a women’s team, and a youth program for fifteens rugby. The club plays sevens rugby in the summer with multiple teams. They also run touch rugby sessions and matches for youths and development sides. The club is also known as HARC, … Read more

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Who Owns The Houston SaberCats?

The Houston SaberCats haven’t published a full list of their owners. But we know that two brothers from El Paso are major and minor owners respectively. The Houston SaberCats are owned by a consortium led by majority owner Miguel “Mike” Loya. Loya’s younger brother, Javier, is one of the minority owners of the Texan rugby … Read more

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The Austin Huns – A Great Texas Rugby Club

The Austin Huns rugby club is one of the biggest clubs in Texas. It has men’s teams in all three national divisions and a fast-growing youth program for boys and girls. The club runs a 7s team, and hosts popular Sevens and Touch Rugby weekend festivals. There is a close connection between the Huns and … Read more

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Austin Blacks – The Oldest Rugby Club In Texas

The Austin Rugby Football Club is known as the Austin Blacks. It’s a large and successful amateur club based on the eastern side of Austin, Texas. They have a longstanding rivalry with the Austin Huns, whose playing fields are in the same area of the city. So, if you’re looking for a club to join … Read more

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Do Rugby Players Wear Helmets? (Explained)

young player wearing a scrumcap

When you watch a game of rugby, you’ll notice that most players aren’t wearing helmets or any kind of headgear. However, there are usually one or two players on each side with what’s called a scrum cap. A scrum cap is a soft thin cap that comes down over the ears. The sport is often … Read more

Why Do Rugby Balls Lose Air? (Quick Facts)

Rugby balls lose air because their internal bladders are porous. This means that air seeps very slowly through tiny holes in the material. It’s perfectly normal for a rugby ball to deflate gradually, and this article explains why. However, we’ll also give you tips on how to slow down the air loss so that you … Read more

Who Owns LA Giltinis (All The Facts)

Who Owners LA Giltinis

Los Angeles has one professional rugby union team playing in Major League Rugby, the national league in the USA. LA Giltinis is owned by Adam Gilchrist, an Australian entrepreneur who built an international fitness empire. His sports company, Loyals Rugby, launched the rugby franchise in 2020. The future of the franchise depends on financial stability. … Read more