Rugby Fan Guide To Kingsholm And Gloucester

Are you following your team to Kingsholm in Gloucester? Every rugby fan should attend at least one match in this famously raucous old stadium. To get the most up-to-date advice on travelling to Kingsholm, I surveyed supporters from across the England Premiership. I also got great travel advice from Gloucester fans living elsewhere who return … Read more

Why Does The Hooker Throw Into The Lineout? (Explained)

Hookers throw into the lineout because they tend to be the shortest forwards on the team and are therefore not used to jump to catch the ball. As they tend to be stronger than backs, they are also more effective in throwing into the lineout and being in position to join rolling mauls. These days, … Read more

How Hard Do Rugby Players Tackle? (Explained With Statistics)

G-force is used to measure the force of impact of rugby tackles. Two studies of amateur players found that they experience an average impact of 21-22 g when tackled. The hardest tackle was clocked at 205 g. A tackle in a Six Nations match between Ireland and Wales in 2014 measured 27 g. This article … Read more

Who Is The Most Famous American Rugby Player?

Which American rugby player is so famous that all MLR fans know their name? Which U.S. player would be recognized by rugby fans in Europe or down in the Southern Hemisphere? We’ll start with the fifth most famous player and work our way up to the top. You may not agree with us, but we’ll … Read more

When Did Rugby Go Professional In England? (It’s Complicated)

The International Rugby Board announced in 1995 that rugby was now a professional sport. So, it seems obvious that English rugby went pro in that year. But the truth is more complicated. Before 1995, there were hidden benefits and payments in English club rugby in an era known as “shamateurism”. And after 1995, the England … Read more

Greatest American Rugby Players Of All Time

Who are the greatest American rugby players to have played for the US Eagles? Who had the greatest skills? Who contributed the most to American rugby? Let’s start with the sixth greatest player and work our way up to the top. Cut Off Point For Our Choices Of Greatest U.S. Rugby Players We ruled out … Read more

Famous New Zealand Rugby Players

Which All Blacks are so famous that even rugby fans outside New Zealand know their names? Which New Zealand player is so famous that they are recognized by people who don’t follow rugby? We’ve picked a shortlist of players that every rugby fan would know. Then we measured them on how famous they are beyond … Read more

Are Sevens Rugby Players Paid? (10 Countries Investigated)

Sevens rugby is played at college, club, and international tournaments throughout the year. The elite players train as hard as any other professional athletes. So, are these players earning a living from the sport? The answer is no in most countries, but some countries offer high-earning contracts. This article looks at professional contracts around the … Read more