Can You Grab Shirts In Rugby? (Quick Facts)

Is everything up for grabs when it comes to tackling in rugby? Can you grab shirts in rugby to slow your opponents down or stop them in their tracks? Grabbing shirts used to be more common, as defenders desperately tried to make a last-ditch tackle. Why does it seem to have disappeared from the sport? … Read more

Can You Grab The Ball In Rugby? (Explained With Examples)

Are players allowed to grab the ball in rugby from their opponent’s hands? Yes, in many circumstances, but it’s often not a good defensive tactic. But when it works, it can be spectacularly effective (we’ll show you an example). You’ll also see plenty of times in a rugby match where defenders are staring at the … Read more

Can You Push In Rugby? (Yes, But You Can’t Charge)

Can you push in rugby in open play? Forget about scrums and mauls, can you give a good shove to an opponent rushing past you with the ball? Youngsters playing rugby in the garden will push and shove each other with gusto. But you don’t see it very often in a match. Does that mean … Read more

Can You Block A Penalty Kick In Rugby? (Explained)

The laws of Rugby Union were changed to prevent players from blocking penalty kicks by jumping under the crossbar. There was a fun period of a few years when defending players did this both successfully and unsuccessfully.  Are there any circumstances in which you can block a penalty kick in rugby? We’ll run through the … Read more

Can You Block A Conversion In Rugby? (Great Examples)

The laws in Rugby Union have changed around attempts to block a conversion. But blocking is still allowed as long as you don’t use certain techniques. There are also some circumstances in which you aren’t allowed to block a conversion. This article covers what you can and can’t do. Can You Block A Conversion In … Read more

What Is Extra Time, Overtime, And Injury Time In Rugby?

Extra time, overtime, and injury time in rugby are often confused with each other. Even commentators may use one term when they mean another. I’ll start with some brief definitions. The rest of the article goes into detail, with examples from famous matches. Extra Time, Over Time, And Injury Time In Rugby Extra time in … Read more

Do Rugby Players Wear Helmets? (Explained)

When you watch a game of rugby, you’ll notice that most players aren’t wearing helmets or any kind of headgear. However, there are usually one or two players on each side with what’s called a scrum cap. A scrum cap is a soft thin cap that comes down over the ears. The sport is often … Read more