Who Owns Old Glory DC? (Explained)

Old Glory DC is a professional rugby franchise founded in 2018 by two Washington businessmen with strong rugby backgrounds. This article takes a close look at the business and rugby backgrounds of the Old Glory DC owners. We also review an investment in the franchise by Scottish Rugby. Who Owns Old Glory DC? Old Glory … Read more

Who Owns NOLA Gold? (Explained)

The NOLA Gold professional rugby franchise was established in 2017 by Tim Falcon, owner of a Louisiana legal firm. Falcon had joined talks in 2016 about a new professional league, and his franchise was one of the inaugural clubs in Major League Rugby. This article takes a closer look at the business and rugby background … Read more

Who Owns The San Diego Legion? (Explained)

The San Diego Legion rugby franchise was established in 2017 when Ryan Patterson, a San Diegan real estate developer, provided the funds for the new franchise to join Major League Rugby. Patterson was approached by a small group of people who had been involved with a previous attempt to bring professional rugby to San Diego. … Read more

Who Owns The Seattle Seawolves? (Explained)

The Seattle Seawolves Rugby Club was established in 2017 by a group of Seattle-based investors and entrepreneurs. More investors took minority stakes in subsequent years. This article takes a closer look at the business and rugby backgrounds of the people involved in the Seattle Seawolves. There are some big rugby names in the ownership group. … Read more

Who Owns The Dallas Jackals? (All The Facts)

The Dallas Jackals ownership group announced in June 2020 that they would join the second season of Major League Rugby. They had a rocky start by delaying their entry by an extra year. But now they are fully part of the MLR. Will the Dallas Jackals succeed long-term? This will largely depend on the business … Read more

Who Owns The Houston SaberCats?

The Houston SaberCats haven’t published a full list of their owners. But we know that two brothers from El Paso are major and minor owners respectively. The Houston SaberCats are owned by a consortium led by majority owner Miguel “Mike” Loya. Loya’s younger brother, Javier, is one of the minority owners of the Texan rugby … Read more

New England Free Jacks Owners (Explained)

The New England Free Jacks rugby club was co-founded by Errik Anderson and Alex Magelby. They were subsequently joined by investors taking a stake as minority Free Jacks owners. This article takes a closer look at the Free Jacks owners and their rugby backgrounds. There are fascinating and varied stories behind these investors. Anderson has … Read more

Where Does Rugby United New York Play?

Rugby United New York has played their home games in several stadiums since the team was founded in 2018. RUNY’s first game was played at Gaelic Park in the Bronx, but they soon moved on to other facilities. RUNY home games have also been played at MCU Park in Coney Island and Wagner College Football … Read more

Rugby United New York Owners (Past And Present)

Rugby United New York has had several joint owners since the club was founded in 2018 by Irishman James Kennedy. The club announced a change in its ownership structure in early 2021. This article gives a timeline of the ownership changes, and we’ll take a detailed look at the characters involved. But first, we answer … Read more

Who Owns LA Giltinis (All The Facts)

Los Angeles has one professional rugby union team playing in Major League Rugby, the national league in the USA. LA Giltinis is owned by Adam Gilchrist, an Australian entrepreneur who built an international fitness empire. His sports company, Loyals Rugby, launched the rugby franchise in 2020. The future of the franchise depends on financial stability. … Read more