Can You Jump Over A Tackle In Rugby? (Examples)

There are few sights more exciting in rugby than a player jumping over a tackle to touch the ball down for a try. However, players who hurdle tackles in the middle of the field may be penalized by the referee. So, what’s the difference? First, we’ll look at different ways of jumping to evade a … Read more

Can You Jump Into A Tackle In Rugby? (Examples)

It’s unusual to see experienced players jumping into a tackle in rugby, but it still happens. This article shows several examples, including one involving a legendary international player and captain. You’ll see that some players were penalized and some weren’t. And you may be surprised to learn that the laws of rugby aren’t definitive about … Read more

Is A Dump Tackle Illegal In Rugby? (Examples)

If you watch old rugby videos, you’ll see dump tackles that are illegal in the modern game. So, what’s changed? Are all dump tackles illegal in rugby now? Don’t be too disappointed! It’s possible, but technically difficult, to make a legal dump tackle. Let’s see what players can and can’t do. The Original Dump Tackle … Read more

Can You Trip In Rugby? (Examples And Consequences!)

If you watch plenty of rugby matches, you’ll occasionally see a player trip an opponent who goes sprawling to the ground. It’s most likely when the attacking player has jinked or changed direction suddenly. The wrong-footed defender sticks out a leg as the opponent goes past him. Is this a legitimate tackle? Is Tripping Allowed … Read more

Can You Ankle Tap Tackle In Rugby Union? (Explained)

The ankle tap or tap tackle is usually a last-ditch effort in Rugby Union to bring down an opponent racing to score a try. It’s illegal in some similar sports but is allowed in rugby. There are ways to make ankle taps more effective, and ways to beat them! Let’s take a look at a … Read more

Can You Tackle From Behind In Rugby? (With Pictures)

When your opponent is racing toward your try line with the ball, can you tackle from behind in rugby? You certainly can, as long as you are not offside. You can tackle from behind in rugby when you are in an onside position. The tackle must be legal, with both arms wrapped and below the … Read more

Can You Tackle Someone Without The Ball In Rugby?

You’ll hear lots of terms and phrases for tackling someone without the ball in rugby. The phrases describe slightly different situations, but they all boil down to the tackled player not being in possession of the ball. Here are the scenarios we get into in detail in this article: Late tackles Early tackles Tackling the … Read more

Can You Grab Shirts In Rugby? (Quick Facts)

Is everything up for grabs when it comes to tackling in rugby? Can you grab shirts in rugby to slow your opponents down or stop them in their tracks? Grabbing shirts used to be more common, as defenders desperately tried to make a last-ditch tackle. Why does it seem to have disappeared from the sport? … Read more

Can You Grab The Ball In Rugby? (Explained With Examples)

Are players allowed to grab the ball in rugby from their opponent’s hands? Yes, in many circumstances, but it’s often not a good defensive tactic. But when it works, it can be spectacularly effective (we’ll show you an example). You’ll also see plenty of times in a rugby match where defenders are staring at the … Read more

Can You Push In Rugby? (Yes, But You Can’t Charge)

Can you push in rugby in open play? Forget about scrums and mauls, can you give a good shove to an opponent rushing past you with the ball? Youngsters playing rugby in the garden will push and shove each other with gusto. But you don’t see it very often in a match. Does that mean … Read more