Do Rugby Players Wear Shin Guards? (Explained)

Rugby players traditionally wear their socks rolled up to the knee. So, it’s not obvious if they are wearing shin pads. If you’re getting ready to join a club session for the first time, you may be wondering if you should go and buy a pair. But you probably shouldn’t grab the nearest pads in … Read more

Glasses, Contacts, And Goggles In Rugby

If you’ve watched a rugby match, you probably noticed that the players don’t wear glasses. So, you may be wondering if rugby players are allowed to wear spectacles. And if they’re not, are they allowed use any corrective eyewear? This article reviews the use of glasses, contact lenses, and sports goggles in Rugby Union. Can … Read more

How To Clean Rugby Boots (Explained)

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Why Do Rugby Players Shave Their Legs? (Explained)

Many professional rugby players shave their legs, and it’s becoming more common in amateur and social leagues. Players shave their legs to: Prevent leg hair from being torn when removing strapping Assist healing around wounds and injuries Avoid skin irritation from frequent massages Improve the appearance of muscles Yes, the last reason is basically to … Read more

Why Do Rugby Players Tape Their Thighs?

The most common reason for rugby players to tape both thighs is to aid with being lifted in a lineout. Tape and bandages on only one thigh are usually to support a minor injury. This article gives a detailed explanation of using tape for lineout jumpers. We also have a step-by-step pictorial guide on how … Read more