Rugby Studs Explained (For Beginners)

If you’re just getting into rugby, you need to know the basics about rugby studs. There may seem to be a confusing set of different sizes and layouts. But the choice of studs becomes easy when you know what the differences are for. Why Do Rugby Players Wear Studs? It’s not mandatory for rugby players … Read more

8 Ways To Prevent Blisters From Rugby Boots

Blisters are the bane of many rugby players, but there are plenty of different ways to avoid them. I’ve gathered tips from a range of players and coaches who have overcome the problem of blistering feet. If you’re getting blisters from your rugby boots, try at least one of the tips in this article. You … Read more

Adidas Kakari Z.1 Review

Let’s start this review of the new Adidas Kakari Z.1 with a 3D look at the boot. Turn down the sound if you don’t want some dramatic music! Because the Z.1 is a recently launched boot, we don’t have as many club player reviews as for other models. But we’ve brought you the direct feedback … Read more

Adidas Kakari Elite SG Review

We added the dramatic music to this video of the Kakari Elite. Turn down the sound if you’re in the office! Turn it up if you’re not! Best Suitable For: Forwards who want extra traction on soft ground and enough flexibility for dynamic open play. Weight, Sizing, And Width Famously lightweight when compared to traditional … Read more

Adidas Kakari SG Boot Review

Best For: Forwards playing on soft or muddy grass pitches who want a budget option under £70. The Kakari SG is the entry-level boot within the Kakari range. Weight, Size, And Width Famously lightweight when compared to traditional leather brands. Weight: UK size 8.5 is 399g. Sizing:  Most club players we surveyed wore a half-size … Read more

Can Rugby Players Wear Leggings Or Tights? (Explained)

Female rugby players have always been allowed to wear leggings or tights in matches. However, male players were banned from wearing them in 2010. This ban was removed in 2021. Currently, all rugby players can wear tights or leggings as long as they meet specific requirements. This article looks at why the ban was lifted. … Read more

Rugby Studs Vs American Football Cleats

Rugby cleats and American football cleats look similar and may seem interchangeable. But there are as many subtle differences between the two types of shoes as there are in the sports themselves. Rugby players should be aware of the differences as each sport has its own rules and regulations. In particular, American football studs may … Read more

What Do Rugby Players Sniff Before A Game? (Explained)

It’s not uncommon in other sports to see players sniffing or inhaling something before a match, or even during breaks in play. This wasn’t something that happened in rugby, but it’s now being seen more and more. So, what are the rugby players sniffing and why? It’s generally one of two things: smelling salts or … Read more

Firm Ground Or Soft Ground Rugby Boots – Which Is Better?

What is the difference between firm ground and soft ground boots? Do players need two different pairs of cleats? Or can they use one type for all matches? This article explains why there are two types of rugby boots. Then we’ll look in detail at the differences between them, and which is best for your … Read more

What Are Rugby Boots Made Of? (Explained)

Historically, rugby boots were made of leather with metal studs. Modern manufacturing has introduced different combinations of materials. This article breaks down a rugby boot into different areas and looks at the most typical materials in that part of the boot. There are also differences between what cheaper and more expensive rugby boots are made … Read more