The Flying Wedge In American Football

In the early days, American Football was a violent and chaotic game that doesn’t bear much resemblance to the game we know now. The single most infamous play from this era was the flying wedge. This article runs through the history of the play and why it was banned from the sport. Violent Tactics In … Read more

Can American Football Players Play Rugby? – Yes!

People in the United States often compare American football and rugby. Both sports involve tacking and running while carrying an awkwardly shaped ball. But, is there any crossover? Has a football player ever switched code to play rugby? And if so, were they any good? Can American football players play rugby? At least five American … Read more

Average NFL Lineman Weights (Statistics)

The average weight of linemen in the NFL is 314 lbs in recent years. This is the heaviest position in football. Linebackers, the next heaviest, are about 70 lbs lighter than linemen. Aaron Gibson, an offensive tackle, has the highest recorded weight in the NFL at 410 lbs. How Do Linemen Compare To Other NFL … Read more