Average Linebacker Weights (Statistics)

The average weight of NFL linebackers is 245 lbs in recent years. This is the second heaviest position in football. Linebackers tend to be about 70 lbs lighter than offensive linemen in the NFL. College linebackers weigh an average of 233 lbs, which is about 74 lbs lighter than offensive linemen. This article looks at … Read more

What Is The NFL Three Year Rule? (Explained)

In 2003, football fans were suddenly discussing the three year rule. Most had never even heard of it before! That year, one of the leading sports stories was that Michigan’s star running back, Maurice Clarett was suing the NFL to be allowed to play in the league. The NFL refused to allow Clarett to enter … Read more

History of Scoring in American football

American football is different to many sports in that the points for a score depends on how you make the score. It wasn’t always this way. In the early days, the scoring was exactly like soccer. Goals were the only way to score and each was awarded one point. So how did it get from … Read more

History Of The NFL Draft (For Beginners)

Today, the NFL draft is a major television spectacle with non-stop reporting of every single pick and trade. Camera crews travel to the player’s homes and there is endless discussion of the choices. It wasn’t always this way. For years, drafts happened in back rooms with no coverage. Before that, there was no draft. How … Read more

The Blitz in American Football

“Blitz” is one of the most commonly used terms for defensive plays in American football. This article looks at the history and evolution of blitz play. If you don’t know anything about the strategy or the sport, don’t worry. We’ll start from the beginning. Why Is It Called A Blitz? The word blitz comes from … Read more

Special Teams in American Football (Explained)

Special teams are one of the unique features of American football. They are neither the offensive team nor the defensive team. They are only on the field for about twenty percent of the game. However, they generate around thirty to thirty-five percent of the scoring. Special team plays also have a huge impact on where … Read more

History of American Football Helmets

The brightly colored, grilled American football helmet is an icon of the sport. Has the helmet always been around and where did it come from? Helmets Weren’t Always In Football The helmet has not always been in use in football. Nor is it even the earliest piece of protective equipment (check out our article on … Read more

History of Shoulder Pads in American Football

One of the hallmarks of American football is the armored appearance of the players with their built-up shoulders. But, have the players always looked like this? When did shoulder pads enter the American sport? When Did American Football Players Start Wearing Shoulder Pads? When the first football game was played in 1869 between Princeton and … Read more

Are NFL Players Faster Than Rugby Players? (Solved)

I’ve crunched the numbers and came to these conclusions: NFL players are on average slightly faster than rugby players The fastest players in rugby are faster than the fastest players in the NFL Wait. Does that seem contradictory? And am I comparing every position in the sports or just the most similar ones? And where … Read more