Leicester Tigers: Interesting Facts

I’ve rounded up some of the most common questions asked about the Leicester Tigers, starting with how they got their name. Why Are Leicester Rugby Called Tigers? Leicester Rugby Club has been called the Tigers since the 1880s as evidenced by a local newspaper using the nickname in an 1885 match report. Most credit this … Read more

Who Owns Leicester Tigers? (Explained)

This article takes a close look at the current owners of Leicester Tigers. The professional rugby club is officially named the Leicester Football Club but is commonly known as the Leicester Tigers. Who Owns Leicester Tigers? The Leicester Tigers rugby club is a public limited company owned by shareholders. Two English businessmen own the majority … Read more

Who Owns Bath Rugby? (Past And Present)

This article takes a close look at the business and rugby backgrounds of the former and current owners of Bath Rugby Football Club. Who Owns Bath Rugby? Bath Rugby is owned by Bruce Craig, a Somerset businessman who bought the club in 2010 from previous owner Andrew Brownsword. Craig gained a substantial payout when his … Read more