What Is Extra Time, Overtime, And Injury Time In Rugby?

Extra time, overtime, and injury time in rugby are often confused with each other. Even commentators may use one term when they mean another. I’ll start with some brief definitions. The rest of the article goes into detail, with examples from famous matches. Extra Time, Over Time, And Injury Time In Rugby Extra time in … Read more

Who Owns Old Glory DC? (Explained)

Old Glory DC is a professional rugby franchise founded in 2018 by two Washington businessmen with strong rugby backgrounds. This article takes a close look at the business and rugby backgrounds of the Old Glory DC owners. We also review an investment in the franchise by Scottish Rugby. Who Owns Old Glory DC? Old Glory … Read more

Who Owns NOLA Gold? (Explained)

The NOLA Gold professional rugby franchise was established in 2017 by Tim Falcon, owner of a Louisiana legal firm. Falcon had joined talks in 2016 about a new professional league, and his franchise was one of the inaugural clubs in Major League Rugby. This article takes a closer look at the business and rugby background … Read more

Who Owns The San Diego Legion? (Explained)

The San Diego Legion rugby franchise was established in 2017 when Ryan Patterson, a San Diegan real estate developer, provided the funds for the new franchise to join Major League Rugby. Patterson was approached by a small group of people who had been involved with a previous attempt to bring professional rugby to San Diego. … Read more

Who Owns The Seattle Seawolves? (Explained)

The Seattle Seawolves Rugby Club was established in 2017 by a group of Seattle-based investors and entrepreneurs. More investors took minority stakes in subsequent years. This article takes a closer look at the business and rugby backgrounds of the people involved in the Seattle Seawolves. There are some big rugby names in the ownership group. … Read more

Rugby Clubs In Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

The Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area has several rugby clubs that play in the Texas adult divisions. Some have been around since the early 1970s, while others are relatively new. There’s an international flavor due to the number of overseas workers in the area. I heard one burly South African energy trader say: “I was … Read more

Dallas Athletic Rugby Club – DARC In Texas

The Dallas Athletic Rugby Club is one of the larger clubs in Texas. It has two men’s teams, a women’s team, and a youth program. The club also plays sevens rugby through the summer. The club’s nickname is DARC, and the men’s teams have adopted the moniker of the DARC Knights. The women’s team are … Read more

Rugby Clubs In San Antonio, Texas

There are several rugby clubs in San Antonio, Texas, and they welcome everyone from rugby veterans to newcomers with no rugby experience.   There are two clubs and one women’s team in the Texas fifteens divisions. The clubs also play sevens rugby during the summer and support some great local 7s tournaments. We’ll highlight three … Read more

West Houston Lions – A Big Texas Rugby Club

The West Houston Lions rugby club is one of the largest and well-run clubs in Texas. It has three men’s teams in the national divisions and a big youth program. There isn’t a senior womens’ team yet, but girls play at youth level. The club runs a sevens team through the summer and plays touch … Read more

Who Owns The Dallas Jackals? (All The Facts)

The Dallas Jackals ownership group announced in June 2020 that they would join the second season of Major League Rugby. They had a rocky start by delaying their entry by an extra year. But now they are fully part of the MLR. Will the Dallas Jackals succeed long-term? This will largely depend on the business … Read more